Midwife Kyanna Kuntz, in her own words…

“I’m from Overland Park, Kan., originally. I believe women should be treated with respect and dignity at all times but especially during sensitive exams including pelvic and well woman exams. After a bad experience myself, I decided women deserve better which led me on my journey to care for women. I chose the profession of midwifery because I was drawn to the care that midwives provide, which is individualized, encompasses the whole woman and not just her medical diagnosis, and supporting women during birth which is the most genuine and vulnerable time in a woman’s life.”Kyanna

“I became a Certified Nurse-Midwife in 2004 after obtaining my Master of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Kansas. I have worked at a birthing center and in the hospital setting. I provided full scope midwifery care at Geary Community Hospital from 2005-2007. I joined the Irwin Army Community Hospital team in 2007.”

“At IACH, women may receive care from a Certified Nurse-Midwife or an Obstetrician during their prenatal care and birth of their child. I feel that our team of Midwives and Physicians provide comprehensive, quality maternity care. Unlike other facilities I have worked, my physician colleagues embrace natural birth and do not practice unnecessary inductions of labor, routine episiotomies or unnecessary cesarean section deliveries. Promoting normal physiologic birth is the cornerstone of Nurse-Midwifery care. The Midwives at IACH are a great option for women for low risk pregnancies and labor & birth. We are well supported by our physicians when a women’s care becomes high risk. Our goal is to support all women so that they may have a wonderful birth experience and a healthy newborn.”


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Irwin Army Community Hospital

We exist to ensure our Fort Riley Soldiers are medically ready to fight our nations wars; and to provide the best healthcare to our Army Families; and to support our retirees. This blog addresses the concerns and questions of Fort Riley Army Families.

5 thoughts on “Midwife Kyanna Kuntz, in her own words…”

  1. I will be forever thankful to you for the wonderful Care I received during my 1st pregnancy. Both my Husband and I loved you and it truly shows that you love your job and care for your patients.


  2. Thank you kyanna for the support i received from u during my delivery of my son!! You made my experience one of the best births i ever had … I will always have a midwife for now on. You made it a calm and relaxed atmosphere for me…its unexplainable how u made it wonderful for me and my husband…thank you


  3. Kyanna is a wonderful midwife. I had her as my obgyn when I was pregnant with my son in 2012 and i loved her. She really does connect and care very strongly for her patients and I’m so glad I got to experience it first hand.


  4. I loved kyanna. She saw me in the beginning of my last pregnancy until I had to see Dr brown (who is also wonderful !) for the remainder due to need a repeat csection. Kyanna listened to all my concerns and I mean really listened to me and got the answers I needed and wanted. She is always very friendly and respectful. She had a true gift for what she does. I always recommend my friends to see her.


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