Public Health Reschedules Flu Vaccines

The Fort Riley Department of Public Health (DPH) is rescheduling flu vaccines due to a supply chain delay in the delivery of shipments.

DPH leaders are developing plans to ensure the timely delivery of flu vaccines to the Fort Riley community.

“We are committed to ensuring Fort Riley Soldiers and beneficiaries get the flu vaccine on time before the peak flu season,” said Lt. Col. Yvette Malmquist, Public Health Nursing Chief. “The peak influenza season begins in mid January and runs through the month of February.”

Previously scheduled flu vaccine dates for medical homes and drive-thru in November are now on a To Be Determined (TBD) status.

Deploying Soldiers will receive flu vaccines in accordance with their unit’s readiness schedule. High risk individuals will also be vaccinated following guidance of their primary care provider.

“High risk individuals are defined as infants, young children, pregnant women, patients with immune compromising health conditions, and those aged 50 and older,” said Malmquist.

All Fort Riley Medical Department Activity personnel will get the flu vaccine due to the nature of their health care work environment and as noted in their job descriptions.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to ask their medical team via Secure Messaging Service to see if they fall into the high risk category. They can register at and link with their provider for electronic communication.

For the latest information on the flu vaccine, call the DPH Flu Hotline at (785) 240-4FLU.


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Irwin Army Community Hospital

We exist to ensure our Fort Riley Soldiers are medically ready to fight our nations wars; and to provide the best healthcare to our Army Families; and to support our retirees. This blog addresses the concerns and questions of Fort Riley Army Families.

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