Food Facility Inspections February 2016

Monthly food facility inspections are conducted by the Fort Riley Environmental/Public Health Department.

Food facility inspections February 2016



Fort Riley Food Service Report June 2015

Grades 2-page-001 Facility grades provided by Environmental Health inspections, IACH Department of Public Health. Grade of A indicates fully compliant, no deficiencies. Grade of B indicates substantially compliant. Grade of C indicates partially compliant. Grade of D indicates non-compliant, re-inspection is required within 5 days. Grade of F indicates failure of re-inspection. NI indicates not inspected.

Facility June 2015  Grade 3 Month Average
Burger King (Main PX) A B
Charley’s (Main PX) B B
Manchu Wok (Main PX) B B
Popeye’s (Main PX) A B
Starbucks (Main PX) A A
Charley’s (Mini PX) B B
Subway (Mini PX) B B
Wing Zone (Mini PX) A B
Taco Bell  (Mini PX) A B
Mobile Food truck #1 NI A
Mobile Food truck #2 A A
Forsyth CDC A B
Forsyth East CDC NI A
Middle School Teen B B
School Age Center C B
Warren Road CDC A B
Warren East CDC A A
Whitside CDC A B
Whitside North A A
1ST Division CDC A A
Bowling Alley B B
Golf Course B B
Habanero’s B B
Rally Point B B
Riley’s Conference Center B B
Riley’s Conference Center Imbiss Truck B B
Warrior Zone A B